InspireMIA is a monthly inspiration box for young girls. 

We believe that with support, positive messages and a consistent awareness and connection to female leader role models, all girls will confidently unleash their full potential. 


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Motivate. Incite. Amaze.

We aim to Inspire you to set big goals and turn them into plans. Our boxes Motivate you with positive messages; Incite you to try and learn new things; and Amaze you with the stories of women that got started just like you.
At InspireMIA we believe all girls should follow their dreams, believe in themselves, and support each other.

Every box will include products sourced from women-led companies that all hold a positive, inspiring, encouraging, and motivational purpose or message to promote self care and self confidence.  Also included will be an interview in which the women leaders featured in the box share the inspiring stories behind their success; and an exclusive webinar invitation to ask your own follow up questions, receive mentoring advice to carry on your journey, and hear the questions from other girls like you.

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